1. Try to select an equal (or almost equal) quantity of sizes of each reference and color; example Salome reference 413 BEIGE S(5), M(6), L(6), XXL(6), XXXL(6); if quantity is very uneven in the sizes of the same reference, order may take longer to process.


2. Try to include the complete (or almost complete) range of sizes of a single reference; example Hanna Slim 306 BLACK S(9), M(10), L(10), XL(10), XXL(9), XXXL(10).


 3.  If within a wholesale order quantity for a reference is very few, example Salome ref. 519-C BLACK S(1), L(2), XL(1), processing of that reference may take more time, especially if you select different colors (beige / black) for the same reference. 

4. For any brand of colombian shapewear, please try to select at least 3 units per size/color, any reference within a shapewear wholesale order. Please be aware, if you do not comply with this recommendation, your order may take long time to process.

How to purchase for wholesale online.

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